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A Buyers or Sellers Market
A Disappointed Seller
An Empty House
Brighter is Better
Child Proof Before Showing
Deal with the Defects
Doing What Comes Unnaturally
Dress For Success
Effective Marketing
Finding A Buyer
Finding A Real Estate Agent
Full Disclosure
Getting Ready To Sell
Hard Sell
Help Your Real Estate Agent
House Odors
Houses and Pets
If It Is Broken Fix It
Improving To Sell
Inspection Repairs
Keeping Your House Safe
Kitchen Clutter
Liens Against the Title
Lighting Up the Sale
Locating A Buyer
Marketing Techniques
Multiple Listing Service
Net Sheet for Sellers
No Risk Listing
No Smoking
Open House
Owner Financing
Playing It Safe
Plumbing Preparations
Preparing For Sale
Price and Condition
Real Estate Agent Advantages
Reviving the Listing
Scents and Home Sense
Sellers Beware
Selling and Lock Boxes
Selling and What Really Works
Selling Before Buying
Selling For Top Dollar
Selling Selling Sold
Selling the Details
Selling Your Kitchen
Show And Sell
Showing Your Home
Spotless Homes Sell
Storage Priorities
Sunshine Sells
Taking It With You
The Asking Price
The Best Real Estate Agents
The Pheromone Factor
The Season for Selling Houses
The Value of Your House
Tiny Bugs and Big Problems
Upgrade Before You Sell
Walk Through Woes
Water Problems
What Would Mama Think
When it is Time to Sell
When to Take a Walk
Why Is It Not Selling
Your Selling Strategy

Do These Real Estate Tips Really Apply to YOU? 

We've learned these tips through years of experience as top real estate agents. But we know that YOUR situation might be different. That's why we're here. 

It's our job to personally advise homebuyers and sellers. Ask us if any tip that we've included here really applies to your situation. 

Do any of these tips raise questions for you? Didn't find what you're looking for? Let us know! We are happy to answer ANY questions. It's our job! There's no obligation, and we promise to get back to you quickly... 

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